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Coming in the near future..........

Our aim is to build a data base of as many shipmates as possible. This data base will eventually become an integral, probably password protected part of this Web site and will only be accessible to the men who actually served aboard our great ship. Until that time inquiries pertaining to shipmates can be made via e-mail to the site administrator, who'll get back to you as soon as possible.

We encourage all who have served aboard Old Faithful to register with us through the "E-mail Us" page and do the same for shipmates they know about, even those who don't have Internet access. We'll do our best to guard and protect all submitted information and never release it to anybody other than possibly the USS Yellowstone AD27 Association* for the purpose of notifying all shipmates about reunion related activities.

Meanwhile, check out who our shipmates are searching for. Maybe you know where one or the other fellow could be found or contacted. And if you are looking for somebody specific yourself, send us an e-mail with details.


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*The USS YELLOWSTONE AD27 ASSOCIATION sponsors and organizes bi-annual ship's reunions.


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